Game Over? Gamification and Adaptive Content for Engineering Courses

Gamification has been explored as a way to promote content delivery in education, yielding promising results. However, little is known regarding how it helps different students experience learning and acquire knowledge. Traditional approaches to University teaching still follow the wake of First Industrial Revolution Assembly-Line fashion to industriate thousands of students with the same content regardless of individual differences. Even though e-learning and online knowledge dissemination being touted as game-changing approaches, the same techniques have been largely applied as those followed by traditional methods. Indeed the so-popular MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) would make Henry Ford proud in their monolithic approaches.
Our experiences with gamified engineering courses [BGJG15] and the reactions of students to the gamified experience suggest that we can use technology to enhance learning in more sophisticated ways.
By examining student performance and attitude data collected from several years we identified distinct student types. it is possible to identify different student types, according to their behavior, attitudes towards technology [R-BGJ15] and knowledge acquisition patterns. In this manner, gamification can provide a foundation for smarter learning by catering to students with different profiles.