Braille 2.1

A picture of the holibraille prototype. It shows a mobile phone being held with two hands. The user's fingers are in contact with vibrotactile actuators.
Braille 2.1 is a research project that aims to bring Braille to the 21st century through new technologies. Braille literacy is critical to the success and autonomy of blind people; there is a direct correlation between Braille literacy and succeeding in the workplace. Learning to read and write is fundamental in for an independent way of living and is paramount to full and equal participation in society. To facilitate access to Braille in this new digital era, an international team of rese...


A-MOP (Algorithms for Macro-Molecular Pocket Detection) is an exploratory project that aims to develop more efficient algorithms to detect pockets in very large molecules. Such algorithms are important in the design of new drugs, as they can predict the location where drugs can bind to a specific protein and, consequently, determine its implications on protein function. A-MOP is supported by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia with the reference UTAP-EXPL/QEQ-COM/0019/2014.

Eurographics 2016

Abstract Eurographics organises many different activities and services for its members, who include researchers, developers, educators and those who work in the computer graphics industry, both as users and providers of computer graphics hardware, software, and applications. The events and services of the Association are open to everyone. The association organizes several prestigious venues such as the Eurographics Workshop on Rendering Techniques and the SIGGRAPH/EUROGRAPHICS Workshop On ...


Abstract To address this problem requires developing new techniques for multimodal interaction based on hand gestures, more suitable for tasks of traditional 3D modeling devices and make more attractive mixed reality techniques. These techniques, combined with procedural modeling, address the lack of expressiveness or naturalness of conventional CAD operations. To this end we want to create a new design framework combining stereoscopic viewing with modeling, simulation and reactive content...